Developments in Laser Tag Equipment Technology

Developments in Laser Tag Equipment Technology



When it was originally developed by the US military in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Laser Tag equipment technology was relatively straight-forward: Weapons were equipped with highly focused beams of lights, or lasers, that triggered reflectors and other equipment that were worn by training participants. When the laser struck the reflector, it set of an indicator.

Indeed, this is the exact same technology that (probably) developed simultaneously yet independently by toymakers and the earliest laser tag enthusiasts. By the mid-1980s, this technology was in wide use in laser tag centers throughout the US and beyond.

Rapid Advancements in Laser Tag Technology

But like any other industry, Laser Tag’s technology has advanced significantly in the past three decades. Today’s equipment still use an infrared beam of light, but this beam is encoded with information such as the identity of the weapon from which it is located. And sensors worn by players include transmitters that instantaneously notify a centralized gaming computer when someone has been hit and which weapon hit them.

This data can then be compiled with other data – including the time and location that the player was hit, which other players have been hit, how many times each player is hit, and so on – in order to keep a running track record of each match. This information can then, in turn, but used to determine which team reaches the game’s specific objective first, as well as to maintain a long-term record of multiple games in order to identify trends, individual players’ strengths and weakness, develop strategies, areas for improvement, potential equipment deficiencies and upgrades, and a myriad of other useful, actionable information.

Analyzing Laser Tag Gun Data Instantly

An analysis of this information can be combined with individual players’ input to modify the gaming environment to make it more challenging or easier, depending on the desired outcome. Indoor Laser Tag arenas tend to lead to close-quarter combat, so manipulating the design of the layout even slightly can result in profound changes in potential outcomes.

There are other variations that can affect the outcome of an indoor laser tag battle. One important factor is how much light is allowed into the arena.

Laser tag battles can be conducted with full illumination to simulate daylight, or in the near-dark. Both replicate real-world combat conditions.

Indoor arenas also can be filled with a fog so that players can see the trajectory of their shots, which can be helpful in improving accuracy and executing specific strategies, such as long-range assassinations, setting up cross-fire, and launching ambushes on opposing teams or players.

Outdoor Laser Tag Set

Outdoor Laser Tag offers a completely different experience for players. Battle environments tend to be more spread out and offer more variations in topography and obstacles. The equipment used in outdoor Laser Tag generally has a longer range — which requires a higher power output – and players generally have to have more accuracy and skill. Some weapons include specialized optics, such as a sniper’s scope.

Outdoor weapons also tend to be more durable than those used in indoor play. They often are constructed of machined aluminum – just like real weapons – or a high-impact poly-carbonated plastic, both of which are more suited to withstand the abuse that outdoor battles present.

Players often wear lightweight head sensors to receive hits — rather than more cumbersome vests, thigh and knee pads, and arm reflectors – so a head shot is required to get a kill.

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